Judges, an Aging Amendment and the Statutory Age of Senility

"Yes, Me Lud, kindly greetings." "Much obliged Your Worship." "With respect Your Honour." Lords, Justices and Right Honourables bewigged and bewildered in full ceremonial dress (in the UK). Full bottomed powdered wigs, lace cravats, cuffs and buckled shoes. Found these images in a 1947 copy of The Sphere. With all due respect, their Honours, so... Continue Reading →

Lawya Art: Historical Absence of Women in Legal Profession

Simplicity says so much in this award winning portrait In Chambers by Charlotte Draycott the 1st prize winner in the EWL Photo Competition in 2010.     The young barrister dressing signifies a moment where the woman oscillates between her femininity, youth and the identity imposed by the barrister’s robes. It explores the tension between the traditional presentation of the English legal establishment... Continue Reading →

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