Miniature Art Historical Detail of Lawyers Chambers

  Patience and an eye for historical detail belongs to the creator of these detailed miniatures.     The barrister's chambers and lodgings include chattels and comforts like law books, chaise lounge or day bed, crocheted knee rug or blanket. side table, wine in wine glasses, barrister's trunk/chest behind bed head, wall sconce, candles, candle... Continue Reading →

Lawya Art: Daumier’s People of Justice – Le Gens de Justice

  Kudos for the Miniature Lawyer's Library "Lawyer" an Artisan Handmade Miniature in 12th scale made by Mariangela Gagliardi of CosediunaltroMondo Doll'House and Miniatures in Milano, Italy. This particular library in miniature is created in an old typesetter drawer called "Bodoni" which was used to contain small letters used for printing. Precious gift for professional lawyers.  Handmade in a single piece,... Continue Reading →

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