Lawya Art: Robert Dickerson

Legal Legal Eagles   ROBERT DICKERSON (born 1924) Two Barristers Conversing at a Table offset lithograph ed. 11/500 signed lower right: R. Dickerson 32.5 x 27.5cm   Barristers' Meeting   Dickerson Art   ROBERT DICKERSON (1924-2015) Three Lawyers pastel signed lower right 19 x 28.5cm ROBERT DICKERSON (born 1924) A Barrister and his Client offset lithograph ed. 11/500... Continue Reading →

  A new year and I find myself reflecting on recent times. Working in the criminal defence field you know the meaning of eternal vigilance. Your work is about maintaining that vigilance ensuring that Australian citizens enjoy liberty, freedom, privacy, due process and justice, the bulwarks of any liberal democracy. I can't ignore the political,... Continue Reading →

    “Marilyn Monroe as Lady Justice” from Jude Fine Art Description: This piece of artwork uses caption pages from the most recent family law case rulings from the California Supreme Court. The pages are stained with coffee and painted with various levels of diluted calligraphy ink to achieve different gradient levels. The natural tannins in... Continue Reading →

Barristerial Art

  'Not Me Sir' Visual, spontaneous and thought provoking are Leene Aavik's abstract and impressionist views of wisened and learned friends.  Depicting  lawyers and barristers at work is one of the Australian artist's specialties.  Here we paid an earlier visit to Aavik Art 'Serious Business' Legal Two Aavik Art (Australia) Wise Ones Leene Aavik Finishing Touch Gallery... Continue Reading →

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