Always the iconic Australian cupboard is the meat safe. This is vintage. Rustic. Primitive. Depression era. Well used. Well worn. A traditional storage item sometimes called a pantry cupboard.  Sometimes called a pie safe or jelly cupboard in the USA. Lovely blue colour not often seen in Australian kitchens as they were generally decorated in... Continue Reading →

Peeking into the kitchen area today where life really happens.  It's the hub of the home where the large farmhouse table serves as the focal point for everyday living.  It's a magnificent beast with turned legs and long enough for any Last Supper or to sleep on if high ground is ever needed!  Yes, a... Continue Reading →

Vintage Ironstone Porcelain Faience China Ceramic

  Sharing the vintage love around today in old white crockery at home. Oddments of porcelain, ironstone, china, ceramic and faience from my small but mixed collection of tureens, platters, jugs, plates and bowls including old mixing bowls and so forth. I'm drawn by the inherent beauty of these once popular everyday pieces and want to display... Continue Reading →

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