~ chickens in the house ~

20190127_180726 (1)


Referencing my previous post, here’s a few pics of the girls, Harri & Henri, enjoying the cool inside the house on Thursday.  It was a scorcher 2 days here in South Australia.

First time they have been in the house and, no, it’s not normal that we have chickens in the house but under the circumstances, I never contemplated not bringing them in.




I placed them in one of the rooms still under renovation & where there was a chair & a wood floor yet to be finished.




Chooks are so easy to please as they eat anything & love table scraps even left over cat food.  Of course they always have access to grain.


20190127_180402 (1)


It’s easy for me to tell them apart.  This is Harri.  She has more cream spots, more whitish mottling on her back & tail end.  Henri’s back feathers are not so cream spotted.



Henri on the left, Harri on the right.