~ the old & rustic kitchen ~

Can’t operate without my dusty black-board in the kitchen, an utterly indispensable item for lists & reminders, the ongoing ‘To Do’ list, grocery list, phone numbers & other ramblings. Sometimes it’s home to other notes and ephemera. Sometimes, if there’s room, I doodle. Who can do without the basic necessities of life like these old kitchen needfuls? Hanging… Read More ~ the old & rustic kitchen ~

Primitive Vintage Farmhouse Meat Safe in Blue

  Always the iconic Australian cupboard is the meat safe. This is vintage. Rustic. Primitive. Depression era. Well used. Well worn. A traditional storage item sometimes called a pantry cupboard.  Sometimes called a pie safe or jelly cupboard in the USA. Lovely blue colour not often seen in Australian kitchens as they were generally decorated… Read More Primitive Vintage Farmhouse Meat Safe in Blue