Puppetry: ‘The Trial’ or The Woeful Story of Joseph K. or Man’s Inhumanity to Man by Marionettes

What is this you ask? Plain old puppet theatre is what it is.  Marionettes doing serious stuff. How tricky can that be? Review from Montreal Gazette Finally, just room to mention another representation of man’s inhumanity to man, again involving puppetry. Kafka’s Le procès (The Trial), as presented by Slovenia’s Théâtre de Marionnettes de Maribor, takes place inside... Continue Reading →

As a woman in Australia I'm grateful we don't face the possibility of being capitally convicted and face the death penalty. Once in Australia women did. Once in Australia we had juries of matrons, yes, venerable matrons ....

  A new year and I find myself reflecting on recent times. Working in the criminal defence field you know the meaning of eternal vigilance. Your work is about maintaining that vigilance ensuring that Australian citizens enjoy liberty, freedom, privacy, due process and justice, the bulwarks of any liberal democracy. I can't ignore the political,... Continue Reading →

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