Advocatrix Diaboli

  Defence lawyers, prosecution lawyers, bewigged and bewildered using their legal minds to wage justice in the sometimes tyrannical world of truth and power in the criminal courts. It's in the long, sometimes 'bloody' battles of the court room, with zealous advocacy, that defence lawyers speak truth to power. Zealous advocacy without regard to gender,... Continue Reading →

Barristerial Art

  'Not Me Sir' Visual, spontaneous and thought provoking are Leene Aavik's abstract and impressionist views of wisened and learned friends.  Depicting  lawyers and barristers at work is one of the Australian artist's specialties.  Here we paid an earlier visit to Aavik Art 'Serious Business' Legal Two Aavik Art (Australia) Wise Ones Leene Aavik Finishing Touch Gallery... Continue Reading →

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