Defence lawyers, prosecutors, bewigged and bewildered using their legal minds to wage justice in the sometimes tyrannical world of truth and power in the criminal courts. It’s in the long, sometimes ‘bloody’ battles of the court room, that defence lawyers speak truth to power. Zealous advocacy without regard to gender, race, ideology, economic situation… Read More Advocatrix

The Real World of Crime & Punishment

  Enjoying the vivid cover from the new translation of Dostoyesvki’s ‘Crime and Punishment’ regarded by The Spectator as a masterpiece. What started out as a post looking at various representations of ‘Crime and Punishment’ over the years, via book covers, has ended up asking what does ‘Crime and Punishment’ and crime and punishment mean for a… Read More The Real World of Crime & Punishment

Ho, Ho, Ho It’s Off To Work We Go – Dancing In Crime

  Being a criminal defence lawyer is part of your DNA. It’s not a job. It’s not a job description. I could never be a prosecutor. Melody Dernocoeur from the Memphis Public Defender’s Office put it this way: “I am a public defender. That isn’t a job description. Its my identity.” Indeed, it’s been one of those nights here.… Read More Ho, Ho, Ho It’s Off To Work We Go – Dancing In Crime