Advocatrix Diaboli

  Defence lawyers, prosecution lawyers, bewigged and bewildered using their legal minds to wage justice in the sometimes tyrannical world of truth and power in the criminal courts. It's in the long, sometimes 'bloody' battles of the court room, with zealous advocacy, that defence lawyers speak truth to power. Zealous advocacy without regard to gender,... Continue Reading →

Barristerial shiny green frogs in powdered wigs!

  Bewigged. Frog Barrister. Shiny and green including slimy green barristerial fingers! Handsome, confident and ready. Perhaps even smug. Could it be Captain Cook? George Washington or a smug Robespierre? Definitely not Rumpole of the Bailey. Definitely the Captain Cook look!     Heavy lidded, big jowled, bulging belly.  Barristerial green frog in cravat (jabot) and powdered wig. More Horace Rumpolean, perhaps,... Continue Reading →

Ethics and representing the less popular

  'If you represent the less popular in society you transgress a moral law'.  Was saddened to hear the campaigning Mr. Trump make a statement to this effect in 2016 while attacking lawyers for defending persons charged with crimes. The National Association of Criminal Defense lawyers (USA) 'strongly condemns attacks by any party or candidate directed at... Continue Reading →

Justitia des Avocats

Lady Justice and the Ordre des Avocats Justice is Blind Lady Justice Justitia at night, City Hall, Antwerp, Belium. Justicia at City Hall, Antwerp, Belgium, The City Hall of Antwerp, Belgium, stands on the western side of Antwerp's Grote Markt (Great Market Square). Erected between 1561 and 1565 after designs made by Cornelis Floris de Vriendt and... Continue Reading →

Death, Detection and Crime: Was Murder Invented by literary Victorians?

I thought the easiest and quickest way to introduce this book is to share some review snippets: A study of the roots of our fascination with violent crime, Murder being an invention in Britain in the 19th century, 19th century murder as a template for modern crime and punishment, Engrossing as Flanders excels at following the trends... Continue Reading →

Modifying the Horsehair Wig?

Sharing today from Legal Cheek .... Horsehair extensions and evening wear-style gowns yet to materialise. 1920s Cartoon Predicts that first Women Barristers would hilariously Modify their Wigs A cartoon dating back the 1920s has surfaced on Twitter that ridicules the idea of female barristers, suggesting that they would modify their wigs and gowns to keep up with... Continue Reading →

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