Captain Cook

Barristerial shiny green frogs in powdered wigs!



Bewigged. Frog Barrister. Shiny and green including slimy green barristerial fingers! Handsome, confident and ready. Perhaps even smug.

Could it be Captain Cook? George Washington or a smug Robespierre?
Definitely not Rumpole of the Bailey. Definitely the Captain Cook look!



Heavy lidded, big jowled, bulging belly.  Barristerial green frog in cravat (jabot) and powdered wig. More Horace Rumpolean, perhaps, but without the black robe as the Rumpole (look-a-like) wears here in this well known art work.


But what do you think about Animal Rights and Anthropomorphization ? Why are animal activists often accused of anthropomorphism?