The Repose of the Dead – Some in Lonely Tired Abandoned Graves at Angaston

  If I wasn't a lawyer, I'd be a journalist or historian.   And I love cemeteries. Nothing like a graveyard for historical information.  A cemetery walk becomes quite the historical journey, a social and aesthetic experience, an educational opportunity for learning about local history. Headstones can have valuable heritage significance and mean something in... Continue Reading →

Sorting out a pair of cast iron planters yesterday early evening with the Queens of Mischievous, Gracie and Edith P.  They can't keep away!  Burmese cats are not cats that disappear immediately there's some sort of activity.  Just the opposite. Soon as there's something interesting happening they materialise, instantly.  Inquisitive. "Go catch a mouse or... Continue Reading →

Taken a couple of weeks ago in November - spring in Australia. The large wagon, down by the dam (pond) in a cluster of young gums, now shares space with a rose or two and some creeping geraniums that are starting to establish. Here are some earlier views of the wagon before spring.   The deep... Continue Reading →

Spring is finally here in the Barossa Valley at end of October.  Honestly, though, still had electric blanket on last night and I'm in a woollen sweater over a skivvy today. Sharing this view of our home just out of Angaston -- it's the  farm house you see there at the front on the left... Continue Reading →

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