Lewis Caroll & The Hunting of the Snark: The Barrister and the Dream

  'The Barrister's Dream' illustrated by Tove Jansson.   The two illustrations below by Henry Holiday (1839-1927) for Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark: An Agony in Eight Fits. The Hunting Of The Snark - Royal Albert Hall 1987 'Barrister' Lewis Carroll and The Hunting of the Snark 'The Barristers Dream'   Eighth of Henry... Continue Reading →

Miniature Art Historical Detail of Lawyers Chambers

  Patience and an eye for historical detail belongs to the creator of these detailed miniatures.     The barrister's chambers and lodgings include chattels and comforts like law books, chaise lounge or day bed, crocheted knee rug or blanket. side table, wine in wine glasses, barrister's trunk/chest behind bed head, wall sconce, candles, candle... Continue Reading →

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