~ a southern hemisphere spring at home ~


20181118_092214 (1)

It is middle of spring here.

Taken this last Saturday morning 17 November 2018 … it’s a view of home, the farmhouse in which we live at Angaston. You can see the old green truck with wine barrel on the back, on the left there, sitting as it does on the side of the track to the house.

We are surrounded by tall gums, big beautiful gums, as well as various exotic trees & vineyards (vineyards on the right in centre).



A closer view of home & you see the wrap around veranda in the true Australian style.

In addition, at the front, we have a large extending wooden pergola now covered in climbing Glory Vines.


20181118_092333 (1)

You’ll find the old green truck, a circa 1940s Morris Commercial, along the track as you drive into the property flanked by gums, Australian natives & some conifers, among other things. Check here for a previous visit.

Hollyhocks in full glorious bloom right now.  How I do love these strong, tall, upstanding beauties with their pugnacious, in your face, colours!


20181118_092537 (1) (1)

The old green truck, the ‘ole gal …

From the cabin emerge pink climbing geraniums, lavender on the side.


20181118_092529 (1) (1)

Another view … rustic wine barrel on the tray …



The house .. that’s an old silo in front view.


20181118_092301 (1) (1)

Along the track as you drive in …


20181118_092555 (1)

Hollyhocks …


20181118_092432 (1)

The ‘ole truck is now a drab & faded green … still so beautiful.


20181118_092705 (1) (1)

Just before you reach the house you pass this corner …




20181118_092459 (1)

Rear view.


20181118_092357 (1)

Yes, it’s a rudimentary sign: ‘Please Use Front Entrance‘ (with arrows) created the other day to encourage people to drive around to the front of the house.

I can’t quite understand why people come to the side/back entrance when the track clearly leads visitors to the front of the house.  Anyway, when the Jehovah’s Witness’ came knocking at the back door the other day, & with respect, I knew it was time to make a sign 🙂