~ vintage rustic woolly sheep & goat figurines ~





I’m always on the look out for little collectibles like this shabby, primitive trio.

Yes, a threesome of two handsome woolly sheep (rams) with curly horns & sort of stick legs & a sitting billy-goat with curly horns.




Quite worn & shabby now with all sorts of spots & marks from age, wear & tear, these vintage figurines fit right in with our rustic farmhouse style especially, now, in the autumn (fall).

If I can bring myself to put them away in the spring, I bring them out again, around Christmas time, for holiday decor, a vintage Christmas theme, nativity scenes & so forth.








Glass eyes.







The sheep are cast in the Australian (or NZ) merino shape with their signature turned or curly horns & thick wool coat on short legs.






The bodies of the little sheep are lightweight made of what seems like some sort of moulded plastic coated in wool or faux wool.  I think it’s faux.  These sorts of figurines were originally coated in real wool.  I should do the burn test.

Their coats are now a sort of drab creamy white with some light soiling from wear & tear.  No, I haven’t washed them nor do I intend to.

The muzzles, faces and legs are covered in a sort of felt or velvet resembling the very short fur on sheep faces & hoof areas.  They have realistic eyes, glass in the larger sheep.






The well horned billy-goat sits.  He’s a heavier piece perhaps made of carved wood including the face, or some sort of heavy material placed in his moulded body later covered in wool.  I’m confident the goat’s coat is real wool & not a faux wool fibre.

His face could be rabbit or goat fur/hair.

His clear eyes are glass.










Very life-like faces & muzzle areas.