Away from law, justice & the courthouse, the wrangling courts & stubborn law, I live in a farmhouse on a little farm called FAT LAWYER FARM (FLF) where I run & manage a small rural property of 12.5 acres.  When I’m not having to do outdoorsy things I enjoy the down-homey things like being in the kitchen, sewing, knitting & crafting.

I enjoy arts & crafts, making & creating, especially knitting & sewing things like cloth & rag dolls especially in the more primitive naive style.  I enjoy vintage dolls, teddy bears etc. I enjoy all things worn & rustic.  I will repair, fix & make-over furniture & home decor if it suits me.  I love antiquing, brocanting, the vintage & rustic.  I love history.  Earlier times.  The old.  Old books.  Love reading.   *Trigger warning: I’m a dyed-in-the-wool eclectic.

Our house remains a work in progress, progress & more progress so always something to do 🙂  I hate gardening & do what needs to be done under sufferance. Ugh!


Our little patch of land is situated just minutes from the town (village) of Angaston in the heart of Barossa Valley wine country in South Australia.  Barossa Valley is Australia’s premium grape growing & wine-producing region & one of the nation’s top tourist destinations.

I’m a lawyer by education & profession, a barrister & solicitor (attorney in the USA) admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of South Australia & High Court of Australia. My areas of interest are criminal law, human rights, ethics & morality, natural law, social justice, civil & political rights, international & comparative law, legal history & animal law & ethics.  My husband, NGE, is also a lawyer.


Over the years, I came to see that there is no ideal greater than liberty.  Indeed, liberty is the one abiding principle at the heart of all we do, all we are.  Without liberty life would be nothing.

I also realized that the moral component of representing the ‘less popular’ means one is always trying to promote good in the world, a good within a ‘cura personalis‘ framework.


In the mid 80s I moved abroad to the USA where I lived for near 17 years in Alabama, Tennessee, Florida & Texas all the time working in the law primarily criminal defence, social justice & anti death penalty advocacy.

Being a hardcore eclectic, I post about whatever is on my  mind.  I post whenever I can which could be any time, any day.  No pre-set regularity like daily or weekly.  I couldn’t possibly be tied to such a strict regime & admire those who post regularly.  I may even post multiple times in a day or not at all for a while.  Eclecticly undisciplined 🙂

I’m on Instagram which you can also follow on this Blog.

I’m not a photographer so don’t expect drop-dead gorgeous images like you see on many sites.  I plod along with my photographs.  Of course this blog is not about photography nor am I advertising my photography skills.  The blog is for fun, interest & sharing with the images just one part of the mix.  Enjoy!

* Doing my best always to cite sources & give credit where due. Please contact me if I have not or I have made a mistake in using an image or citing a source. Thank you. 




One thought on “About

  1. Gday witchy. I have a small collection of metters wood stoves about a thousand now spread over an acre here in the barossa. Most from abandoned paddocks rubbish dumps river beds and wa goldfields. Some date back to the 1890s about 70 years earlier than the 2v royals of the 1960s. Looking for a Metters Barossa No3 so the search goes on. Peter Goers wants me to do a show on the ABC radio but not being much of a people person will see what happens. Bye.


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