~ down home means an old country birdhouse ~

20190102_134900 (3) (1)


Spent some time over the post-Christmas slumber period re-birthing this rickety old birdhouse.

Love playing with old stuff.

This is how I found it (below).


48084491_758357891210006_2460276035879436288_n[1] (1) (1)


There were bits & pieces loose inside the house, the base boards were rickety, wobbly, & some of the roof slats needed re-attaching.

Because the 2 metre long wooden pole was attached to the base, the whole thing kind of wobbled & rocked.  Not at all surprising given it’s a birdhouse made for outside, for all-weather.

And, golly, the thing is heavy, top-heavy.  Made of hard wood.

I had no misgivings about this quaint piece, though, with its sturdy shape & character.

It simply needed a little love & attention, tinkering & tidying.  Nothing major.


20190104_113133 (1).jpg


First I removed the post.  I re-attached the odd loose pieces, then the post & tightened things up using exterior wood screws & liquid nails where needed.  I try to avoid liquid nails, if I can, but in a project like this it’s perfect & backed up by wood screws.

Nothing onerous & quick & easy.




I under-coated the whole thing in Duraguard outdoor weather paint to give it a solid ‘new’ start in life.

Above is a side view along a part of the track.  I can’t do a summer without my bright pink hollyhocks blooming so exuberantly!

That’s the house in the background.


20190102_134814 (1).jpg


I used paints I had lying around adding texture & shading as I went.  Didn’t matter the roughness of the paint job.  The weather will soon turn it into a rustic garden piece. Whatever I did simply added to the character of this old piece.

Cost me nil to fix up other than a bit of time, spare time, I enjoyed devoting to this lovely little project.


20190102_134814 (2) (1).jpg


You can see how rough it is here, the finish … just as I like it …  sort of ready to grunge out more as it weathers.

Of course, as it fades, or I change my mind (not again!), I can re-paint it in whatever colours take my fancy!  Who knows …

And, yes, while I have a can of marine quality sealer/varnish available, I’m not sure I’ll use it as I look forward to watching the slow aging & fading of colours, the processes of weather & nature at work.  When the time comes I will simply re-paint, re-invent this old piece.

That is a freedom I love about DIY, one of its biggest pleasures.


20190104_113147 (1).jpg


I hadn’t finished painting the bottom of the post in this shot.

It’s the second month of summer here (January) meaning the hollyhocks have more or less finished their high colour flowering for the year.  You can see their flower pods are fat with seed!  Of course some spot flower now & again but nothing like the high spring/summer months of November & December.

Anyway, I secured it to the ground by digging a whole into which I plonked a rusty, bottomless, tin can leaving about two-thirds above ground.  I purchased a couple of small bags of concrete mixture from Bunnings (just add water) & off I went.

I was able to position the birdhouse using small stones to hold it up straight while I checked it with my spirit level, where-upon I added the wet concrete, more stones, more concrete until the can was full & birdhouse stable.  I then placed a few more small rocks around the top & the base of the can.

All done! This bird house is going nowhere soon 🙂


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