~ pools & ponds at night at home ~


20190111_214006 (1).jpg


20190111_213728 (1).jpg


The evening before last was a warm, sweet-scented night as I went around checking the water in the little pool behind the windmill (the pool seen here with its mirror image in the water) & the larger pond not far along the track.  Been working on these two water projects for some time now.

I was pumping water & had to turn the pump & taps off before bed.

The pool, or little pond, behind the windmill is in full view from the front veranda.


20190111_191551 (1).jpg


20190112_135517 (2).jpg


These 2 daylight images show the other larger pond or small dam which sits further along the track.  Because we had both ponds lined recently, to stop loss of water (seepage), I’m kind of busy not only sorting out the water & pumping set up, but getting rocks & boulders placed around the edges followed by planting trees, shrubs & so forth.  I try to get the planting done on cooler days.


20181220_172858 (1).jpg


Since I re-captured the water, oh how it does my heart good to see the birds & animals, including the native wild ducks, congregating around the water & under the trees nearby.

The ducks come in for these long landings skimming across the top of the water before pulling up.  They are so delightful to watch as they amuse themselves (& me) with their playful water acrobatics.  Sometimes they waddle around & along the track from pool to pond & back.  Sometimes they just sit under the shade of the gum trees near the pond, resting, watching life go by.

And the water isn’t actually blue.  It’s the lighting, the sun’s reflection.


20190111_214020 (1).jpg


Anyway,  because I was using the lights from the ute to show myself around I figured I might as well take a few photos (phone).  Wasn’t sure how they would turn out.

This gigantic piece of rusty iron – a big ol’ Aussie windmill –  is one of my all time fav pieces of antique Australia.  Ever.

To know the whole story behind this grand ‘ol piece & how it came to rest at Fat Lawyer Farm, check this link out.


20190111_213933 (1).jpg


Base of windmill.  Yes, some hollyhocks are still flowering.


20190111_214225 (1).jpg


The windmill is in clear view from the front veranda.

The front steps leading up to the house are made from re-cycled old reds.

I was down in front of the house when I took these shots.

Gum leaves need collecting I see.  Ugh!


20190111_213833 (1).jpg




20190111_214231 (4) (2).jpg


Another view.  Large gum trees at rear.


20190111_214530 (1).jpg


I never know if any of my pictures will work out.

I’m not a photographer so anything I take is hit or miss.  I simply get my phone & “click” which means my piccies are never going to be the ever so popular drop-dead gorgeous stuff that others aspire to.

As I say, at my age & dotage, it’s all for fun, interest & sharing 🙂


20190111_214614 (1).jpg


These two images feature my dear Gracie sitting on the boulder.  She’s a Burmese chocolate (brown point) who loves keeping me company around the property as does Edith.  Gracie & Edith will sit beside me in the ute as I drive around doing chores.  Love ’em so much!


20190111_214156 (1).jpg


20190111_214241 (3) (2).jpg




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