~ wanna eat a lawyer? in love with a lawyer? have a lawyer in the family? want a gift for your lawyer? ~


(via pinterest)


How about these little beauties?  Barrister cup cakes or ‘little cakes’ as we call them in Australia.

Good for celebrating things like National Lawyer day or Have You Hugged Your Lawyer day ?

Great for a gift for your favourite lawyer. A unique party item for the Chambers/Law firm party. What about farewelling a lawyer? Christmas?  Celebrating a big win?  A retirement?

Looks like there might be two female barristers in the group of 8.  From L-R possibly third one in back row of three and possibly second one in next row of four.  One quarter.



(via pinterest)

Barrister cupcakes with marzipan heads no less!  Love these 6 little guys.

Doesnt appear to be any women in the half dozen though. Could have been a request from a law firm of 6 male barristers …




Gotta love these gorgeous little cup cakes, Jurisprudence cup cakes by Sweet Creams Bakery



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