~ this pair of forensic utterers, Aussie barristers, are sisters: Hatticus Finch & Fatticus Inch ~



These two officers of the court, barristers, are sisters Hatticus Finch & Fatticus Inch.





Was not easy to get the sisters to stand together much longer than a few minutes at a time for these staged photo shoots. Whew!

Hurry up we’re late for court!” they grumbled.  C’mon, we have to go! and The Judge will be all over us! they muttered.




Here they are in the process of getting dressed in their full court regalia for the shoot.




Trust me, it wasn’t plain sailing.  In order to get these piccies I had to coax & beg them to pose, stand still & look like the true human rights & criminal defence lawyers they are.

I said, Look professional, legalistic, intellectual, just as you are everyday in the courts, fighting for those in need, the powerless, the underdog, against the power of the State”




In the end I was able to cobble together a collection of images some of which I share here.  Clicking on the images will give you a full size view.


20181031_141810 (1)


We were still sorting out the shoot at this stage … sigh …

Hatticus was wearing nude stockings while Fatticus, the younger of the two, most determined, insisted on wearing black stockings. OK, ok I agreed.





Some background: Both the ladies are married.

Hatticus married Mr. Finch while Fatticus married Mr. Inch.

Before marriage they were Fatticus & Hatticus Fafka i.e. Fafka was their maiden name.




Their brother, Kranz Fafka (a lawyer living & working overseas right now), while also working in the areas of criminal defence & human rights law, specialises in freedom of speech law, media law as well as the interdisciplinary connection between law & literature, literary libel law & associated areas including the art of fiction. He defends writers & authors, a lot, as well as publishers.

Kranze, aside from his legal skills, is also a writer.

Like his smart sisters, Kranz is a lawyer on track to be a QC/SC. .

You may have heard of him: Kranz Fafka?  He is a trial lawyer & loves the trial, trial work. Some years ago he wrote about a trial, The Trial.




…  later tonight (it’s only just after 7 pm here in Australia, 31 October 2018) Hatticus & Fatticus are off to the Law Chambers Halloween party bash.

Indeed they have promised me some special shots from the event!

Stay tuned.



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