~ a few more curial teddy bearristers ~


“May it please your honour”.

Learned in the law here’s a few more cute little artisan teddy bear barristers & lawyers ready for court, ready for the good fight.

These little guys & gals, true advocates, have exited the robing room decked out in their work clothes: a powdered wig (periwig or peruque), white collar/bands or jabot & black gown.

This attire is the normal dress code for much of the legal profession in Australia & many other countries.



This one is ‘Bearister’ from The Teddy Bear Museum in Dorchester! via @EndlessSandGirl (Twitter)



(via Pinterest)





The Lindon jointed Barrister Bear (in the 2 images above & 1 below) is 40cm tall with jointed arms & legs.



“This is my law teddy – Barrister Bear!” #lawbears via @deeleon69 (Twitter)



#𝚕𝚊𝚠𝚢𝚎𝚛 (via Twitter)



‘A Golden Bear `Tough Ted`, a Pamela Ann Designs bear, a Jacqui Bradley bear, two boxed Simba bears and a large barrister bear.’



Mortimer (barrister bear)



“Barrister Bear is working very hard this Wednesday” via Justis_London on Twitter



“Barrister Bear needs a caffeine fix!” via Justis London on Twitter



Another winner of Barrister Bear via Justis_London on Twitter



Barrister Bear: “Custom made barrister bear is 19 inches tall, comes with pants or skirt, glasses, coat and tabs. Great gift for someone being called to the Bar.”



via Pinterest



via Snigs Classroom



Barrister Mink Bear at Law Courts Center – Legal Present.com




Meet Barrister Bear! He’s just one of the range of new Middle Temple items that’s available from the shop here.  If you’re looking for a quirky gift for someone (any lawyers in your family?) & you’d like more information on the gift range available (via The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple



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