~ about judging others & human rights ~



I scribble.  Write.  Save it.  Yep, always jotting down something I hear, see or read.  I’m not sure the source of these words (above) but I had to write them down.


Reading the 2015 work ‘THE CHALLENGE OF THINGS – Thinking Through Troubled Times’ by humanist, philosopher & public advocate AC Grayling, specifically the chapter ‘Unjust Justice’, I came across these words, words I knew would stay with me:

About the only thing now universal about human rights is the irritation they prompt in governments.  How inconvenient human rights are, how difficult it makes prosecuting undesirables or deporting them or otherwise flicking them off the sleeve of society because they are disagreeable or plain bad!  The idea that even those suspected of the worst crimes have a right to get the fullest possible hearing has come to be regarded as a nuisance as if it is plain in advance that the processes of the law are mere window-dressing for what everyone already knows about this rabble-rousing mullah or that aged celebrity and his sexual tastes, viz. that they are obviously guilty and that’s that.




Referring to ‘The Challenge of Things’ The Independent characterised AC Grayling as ‘An enthusiastic thinker who embraces humour, common $_32[1]sense and lucidity‘.  He has, again, given us a truly engaging, easy to read, book of essays on current issues.  Of course, it is just a small sampling of his long list of writings & publications.


There are many aspects of Grayling’s writings that gnaw at me.

It’s not only his candour & honesty in saying what he thinks but how he engages, how he says what he says, thinks.

A lot of what he says I am thinking about & want to say.  Sometimes, I can’t get his thoughts & observations out of my mind.  I re-visit his books again & again sometimes to re-read from start to finish.  Sometimes to re-think.  Re-evaluate.

Sometimes I’m looking for a chapter, a paragraph, a sentence, a point, a comment, an observation, a snippet of information I remember from my first reading.  The words I share in this post (above) are an example of this.

I’m sure there are many who experience his public commentaries & writings as I do.  That’s not to say I agree with A.C. on everything but I do on a darn lot.

I could easily work with him.

Want to catch this thought provoking public intellectual & humanist?  AC Grayling regularly visits Australia (& USA) where you can find him participating in various public educational & literary forums & festivals including ‘Q & A’ (Australia).

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