~ a Burmese cat on Saturday ~


I love cats.  Simple.

Playing around inside on Saturday I was, of course, accompanied by our darling Burmese beauty, Gracie.  Such a companion she is.

Of course her regard for me, her attentiveness, her companionship comes on her terms like any cat.  But I always want more.  You can’t stop loving her.

Sometimes she simply sits, calmly, on the cupboard admiring me 🙂  Know what I mean?  Ah, cat love.


The cat does not offer services.   The cat offers itself.   Of course he wants care & shelter.   You don’t buy love for nothing.   Like all pure creatures, cats are practical.

—  Williams S. Burroughs


And yes I have posted before about our beautiful Burmese family members.  Just SEARCH using ‘cat’ or ‘Burmese’ or see the ‘Related’ images at bottom of this post.




To date, the vintage wooden printers blocks have had an undercoat in pale blue as you see.  I will work on them more as time goes by.

And, yes, I know there’s a tiny yellow-headed quilters pin there right below the ‘W’.  Ugh.  Ignore the little distraction.  I simply didn’t notice it as Gracie & I were sharing love & conversation manifested in these Samsung images!  That’s right, I’m not a photographer & don’t see things others might.



These few printers blocks came from my friends at Rock n Rustic at Maylands on Magill Road not far from Stephen Terrace in Adelaide.

I figure anybody interested in vintage, industrial, the shabby & rustic stuff, knows about Rock n Rustic.





Anyway, gorgeous Gracie was being her normal lushy, sincere, purring self as we were chatting.

She was contorting & wiggling her fine body, not to show off, so much as to get as close as possible to me, knocking over printers blocks on her way to rubbing me hard with her head.

You see, Gracie is the quintessential Burmese cat in that it’s always, always a two-way relationship overflowing with gentleness, affection & reciprocated love.

I swear she thinks she’s a person.  I swear she could purr her way out of anything.  “Naughty” I whispered.

She will jump a fair distance to land on my shoulders usually when I’m not aware & thus not able to brace myself for her descent & landing.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, her lithe body “drops” onto my shoulders/back of head area with a thud, a gentle thud & I hear her, alert, purring loudly.

No time for complacency when Gracie wants luv!



And no time for complacency on the part of mice as Gracie always wins.






She’s what we call a chocolate Burmese in Australia, sometimes referred to as a brown point.


She’s sitting on a very old piece of Barossa history, an old meat safe oozing integrity with its original ox-blood colour paint finish.  I’ll share more on the old cupboard in the next post.




Yes, the old window is dirty & yet to have the glass panes removed.  Also on my ‘To Do’ list.

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