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The pram in the hall … coming up FOR SALE soon.

Who can forget these cream coloured cane/wicker prams so ubiquitous in Australian homes back in the 50s & 60s?  I think they started manufacturing them in Australia in maybe the 40s.  I know some refer to them as baby carriages, strollers or buggies but in Australia, certainly SA, it’s generally a pram (from the old-fashioned perambulator).

Anyway, this lovely old Eclipse model, a full size baby pram, currently on loan, will be FOR SALE when it comes back.

I also have an old full-sized wooden box style pram which I am thinking about selling.  Will get some images of that one posted.   I have another one I’m using right now plus a doll sized cane pram.




Fat full of teddies!36633825_10213503520280234_6954877500606382080_o[1].jpg


20180701_133916 (1).jpg



Teddy heaven!









The pram is much like the one Mum had for her brood of 9 children.  I’m not sure if it was an Eclipse but most likely given that Eclipse prams were made in SA.

H.W. Thamm Ltd, originally located in Rundle Street. Kent Town, South Australia during 1950’s, were the leading manufacturers of quality cane and wicker furniture, nursery furniture, toys and perambulators known as the Crownall and Eclipse Products.

Always a baby in our house along with a crib, a cot, a bath & that big pram. It was always somewhere around the house that big pram. Not easily hidden. Not able to be folded & put into the car.


via pinterest

I was the second eldest with seven younger siblings which meant a good part of my early life revolved around a bunch of kids & this functional pram.  The pram was an indispensable household item, a true work horse in our house.

In the warmer months, we put the babies outside in the pram under the trees or on the veranda to sleep & for the fresh air.  Sometimes we placed a soft see-through netting cover over the canopy to keep the bugs away.

I remember pushing my younger siblings in that pram both as tiny babes, as toddlers & in later years, when they had outgrown the pram & it became a plaything to ride in. It sure took a beating from hauling around kids, their friends & a few pets along the way  🙂

And I’m not sure it was the same pram Mum had when I was a babe.  I used to have an old black & white photo of that pram, with me or one of my brothers in it, but sadly most of my treasured images, family photos, collected & collated over many years & many I had taken as a teenager with my first camera, the old flash instamatic, were removed when I loaned out my albums a few years ago.  It’s not like now where we can simply upload/download/share our electronic images over & over.


Trove pram

via Trove











The hood is reversible & moves back & forth & can be removed via the butterfly nuts.

When removed you basically have a bassinet on wheels.



Of course, given its age & use the pram shows natural wear & tear including some surface rust on metal parts.  The pram was stored in a shed when we found it, so exposure to some moisture came with it.

The old cream lining – now more a yellowy/ochre shade – is original & in tact though somewhat brittle with a few small tears including two inside the hood at the back.





To be clear, I got the pram as it is now.

Its age related imperfections & vintage rustic charm are what drew me to it.  I didn’t want a perfectly clean-looking old pram or one that had been restored to its former glory.

In fact I really wanted a pram more like this rustic piece in the image below with its to die for abandoned look.




Come to think of it I should have abandoned my pram to a few spells outside in the weather mixed with a few spells in the old shed & a few on the veranda. That way I might have achieved a to die for abandoned look!

Generally the pram is in good vintage condition with all its original parts.  It has great bones, rides well & has the potential to be easily restored to a wonderful example of a period baby pram, a piece of history.

Of course, if it was up to me I would leave it just as it is!




Checking around I found Wicker Works in SA, a place specialising in repair and restoration of wicker items including wicker baby’s & doll’s prams.

Wicker Works is located in South Australia and yes restores cane and wicker prams from every State in Australia and New Zealand.  So if you need a professional craftsman who is passionate when it comes to restoring your pram, then you’ve come to the right place.   For a Free No Obligation Quote on a Complete Restoration of your pram including Shipping, then please Contact the  WickerGuru


These three images (below) are from what looks like an old catalogue featured on Wicker Works site:




Wicker Works on restoring old wicker dolls prams:

‘While I have had wonderful feedback and extremely positive comments over the years, I think the best comments have been regarding the restoration of wicker doll’s prams. These prams usually come to me in a dilapidated and very poor condition after years of enjoyable use – damaged wicker hood, torn and discoloured lining, rusted metal chassis and wheels, weathered and flaky paint – almost loved to death! I set about completely stripping and meticulously rebuilding the pram in an authentic manner. The satisfaction I gain from this labour of love is immeasurable and the delight of the owners is worth every ounce of effort. Once restored these wicker doll’s prams are generally handed down for the next generation to cherish and treasure for another lifetime.’




It is heavy & sturdy with the springs & suspension all in good order.

These old pieces were definitely made to be durable work horses.




Full of bears & dolls it simply oozes a rustic vintage character.  The cats love it especially when full of teddies!  Nothing like finding a cat snuggled up inside an old wicker pram full of teddies even though puss-puss is not meant to be there 🙂




Great vintage piece for a prop in, say, a shop for merchandise display or for shop decor or as a prop for a photographer.

Great vintage decor item for a Bed n Breakfast, a guest house or to display in an old cottage or historic home.

Great collectible piece from a bygone era.

Gorgeous whimsical decor piece in a little girl’s room or nursery or as a role play piece for her collection of dollies or bears or for her fun pretend play with her special baby doll like a reborn dolly.

If you collect dolls or bears & like the vintage rustic charm of this historical piece then it is for you.

It’s in original condition.







Asking $220 ono

*Watch this space, my Instagram or FB page


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There once was a kiddies teddy bears pram

Teddy never managed to stay in, damn

What a temper oh what a bore

Then Teddy feel and hit the floor

Ooh how I wish she was not such a sham.

(Limerick by Stehen Pennell)





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