~ Madonna of Bruges ~



Some time ago I came across this small rendition of Michelangelo’s Madonna & Child better known as the Madonna of Bruges. I had not seen anything like it before.


Madonna michelangelo.jpg


The Madonna of Bruges is a marble sculpture by Michelangelo of Mary with the Child Jesus.  The original full sized statue of 200cm/79″ (above) is in the Church of Notre Dame, Buges in Belgium.




This little replica of Madonna of Bruges measures about 15 1/2 cms (6 inches).  It doesn’t have any ID on it so I don’t know who made it or where it came from.  I can’t tell if it was produced commercially, in large numbers, or whether somebody hand crafted it.

What do you think?

It’s quite heavy & a sort of dark metally iron grey colour.  Not clay. Perhaps some metal compound.  It has the felt on the bottom often found on commercially produced statuary/ormaments.  Looks like it’s been modelled.




Old books here at home.








The beautiful Getty image displays more of an angled view of the statue in the Church of Notre Dame, Bruges.










This is on the rear base of the statue: ‘The Bruges Madonna’. Nothing else anywhere.



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