~ naturally mellowed by age & weather ~

20180607_093546 (1).jpg


I enjoy re-purposing old garden statues for indoor use, the concrete ones, the ones that are shabby & rustic, that have acquired some level of weathered patina, a testament to a previous life outside.

I shared a similar story here about another old statue now indoors.






This little bust, a girl with braided hair, sits in the book shelf right now.  Generally she’s homed near old books.




Is it a sad face? Contemplative? Pouting?

You can see how nicely the concrete has mellowed with age.




My research indicates the statue is likely based on the original bust of a young girl with braid, a marble piece, created in Paris by Jacques Francois-Joseph Saly about 1770-1790.

Also known as Jacques Saly (20 June 1717 – 4 May 1776) he was a French-born sculptor who worked in France, Denmark, Italy & Malta, & was born in Valenciennes to François Marie Saly & his wife Marie Michelle.


It appears there are copies around including  a marble one apparently also by Jacques-Saly but unsigned. I’m not sure where the marble original is located but it could be in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.


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