~ another great BBC TV legal in ‘Silk’ ~


Loved the UK/BBC legal procedural, SILK.  What was not to love about this show?

I especially favoured the two lady protagonists: criminal defence barrister Martha Costello & Caroline “Lady Macbeth” Warwick QC, the prosecutor.



Caroline Warwick QC

is a big deal prosecutor, with a very successful practice of heavy, classy work. Nicknamed “Lady Macbeth” for her uncompromising and vicious approach in court, she’s as sharp as sharp can be and frightened of nothing. Now a member of Shoe Lane, CW is determined to get the bigger cases but can she hack it?

Who could forget Caroline Warwick’s lines e.g.

“I gave up defending the guilty men & started prosecuting them. I can’t tell you the pleasure it gives me. It’s like rump steak in the morning – mastication, complex textures, deep taste, and oh, those bloody juices”.




Caroline Warwick QC: 

Oh Sweetie, Screw your courage to the sticking point, pop along to court and tell the old buggers that we’ll be with them in five minutes. Just tell him I’m menopausal, and far too pissed off to talk to him right now.

Martha Costello QC: 

 Is that true?

Caroline Warwick QC: 

Oh god no! I’m gasping for a fag, and so are you. We have to lean out the window or the smoke alarm goes off and you get arrested for passive manslaughter or something.


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