~ little lawyers. little barristers. little wannabes ~


Cutest little wannabe barristers! Source


Little lawyers in their legal fancy dress/costumes at Greenwoods School, India.



Gotta love him in his role as a lawyer as part of school Fancy Dress Project & Competition.  He says he will fight for you! 🙂



Rohit Rajan a little lawyer dressed to ‘advocate’ as he says. School Fancy Dress.



Avni Wahi plays Lawyer role in School Fancy Dress Competition. She says she will fight for you in the Supreme Court of India. Too cute.



Check this one out. Speech on a lawyer/lawyering by a 5 year old.  So cute is she.



This little lawyer lady, Afrah Anees got first prize in the Costume/Fancy Dress Competition.



Little boy is also off to the Supreme Court of India 🙂 Sudip performed as an advocate in the Fancy Dress Competition.



Gotta love her –  Lawyer Fancy Dress Competition by AKSHAYA India

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