~ vintage raggedy cloth doll ~




Sorting out the doll factor here. That’s vintage dolls. I have a few old dolls, especially rag dolls.  Not really a collection. Just a few.

We’ve seen this little cutie before: a pre-printed cloth doll printed back & front.

One of my favourites, she’s in attic condition of shabby, worn & a little grubby from being loved & cuddled by persons long before she stopped by to see me.




I wondered about the doll, how old she was, the design. My research showed her to be a pillow style cloth doll of Victorian/Edwardian style originally by Samuel Finburgh UK (see below).




She’s actually quite floppy and stuffed with something like sand which makes her a little lumpy and heavy. Definitely not poly-fill or foam. I guess I should  make a litte hole and check.

She doesn’t stand on her own. In fact it looks like she’s become floppier over the years as she flops down on her legs where they bend at the base of her dress. I have propped her up to stand.






My research indicates she’s a vintage printed cloth doll Rag Doll Sheet No. 2 by Samuel Finburgh UK. New old stock. From Bethnal Green Museum. This print was originally designed by Samuel Finburgh during the early 1900s. Doll height is about 15-16″ high.


Printed for Her Majesty’s Stationery Office by Hulbert Fabrics, printed on the fabric 1950s above:

Bethnal Green Museum
Rag Doll Sheet No 2
Four little girls, Cora Agnes Sylvia and May
Painted by Samuel Finburgh, July 14th, 1916.


The rag doll sheet.
Simple to make by sewing the front to the back & stuffing for a completed pillow cloth doll. Appears that patterns are still available via Etsy


Vintage Painted Cloth Rag Dolls Fabric Sheet – Samuel Finburgh 1916

The doll on the left is another example of a pre-printed-panel-doll from the Bethnal Green museum. The doll on the right (only image I could find at the moment) is an early 20C lithograph fabric doll. Red dress with detail. Perhaps similar in style to Agnes.




Antique doll printed fabric stuffed with straw 12 1/4 inches (via Ebay/Pinterest)


A rare antique printed cloth GRACE DRAYTON doll



Circa 1901 Cut and Sew Cloth “Martha Washington” Doll by Art Fabric Mills (pinterest)



Antique Lithograph Cloth Rag Doll Cork Stuffed, Orig Label, 11″, Handsewn Exc (pinterest).

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