~ re-casting cast iron lace ~




Rusty pieces of cast iron veranda lace mean a mixed collection of patina. I’m always looking to re-use or up-cycle this lovely old iron in some decorative way in & around the pergola/veranda area mainly.


Sad to see pieces lying around in the shed, in a box somewhere, or outside as you see here.  These shots show miscellaneous pieces here at home waiting for renewal, new purpose, a new home.




Trouble with these salvaged pieces is finding matching pairs or sets. It’s not unusual to find a pair only to have one piece broken.






You find this old claw foot bath at the western end of the house just off the veranda. Who doesn’t love these rusty old tubs?

Our house is built of stone in the Australian farmhouse style with wide wrap around veranda where one can stretch oneself on the sofa, the miners couch.  The veranda window sills are old railway sleepers, the floor recycled old reds.  Indeed the house easily accommodates all sorts of worn, weathered & rustic objects & decor.








At each end of the tub I placed a piece of iron lace mainly as a platform for the cats to cross, watch the goldfish or take a drink as you see Gracie doing in the above 3 images.




In the back garden we have had all sorts of concrete & clay pots & statues, a bird bath, as well as rusty veranda lace.

We simply attach the lace to the pergola post & beam via the lugs. Many of these older pieces have lost their lugs so it’s a bit more challenging to attach & one has to improvise.  Each piece is heavy & really takes two to install.

Historically, this design was one of the most popular so pieces are easy to find. This is an older photo as we have since installed rusty pieces of the same design from one lot.





Attaching the lace piece by piece . . . . work in progress.



At work.



The main wall you see here, clad in rusty corrugated iron sheets, is in fact the grey colourbond shed at the western end of the house. Because it (the shed wall) was in plain view from one of the kitchen windows I made it my mission to find suitable material, rustic stuff,  to cover it.

The architrave or door surround is made from re-cycled wide skirting board pieces attached to the iron sheets & aligned with the door frame.  I then painted the door frame,  door surround/architrave & bit of visible iron in cream/ochre shades to look as one. Too easy.

The cladded shed wall with cast iron embellishments.



We were playing around here overlaying shapes & designs. It’s a small opening at the back corner of the veranda near the tap. A bit of creative fun.

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