~ vintage at the farm ~





I took most of these shots in the main entry hallway where I have an old coat rack displaying a small assortment of vintage picture frames, some guilded, some shabby, chipped & tattered.


It’s an old French crucifix, you see, quite fragile especially Jesus’ body which is old and brittle plaster.







I think many of these old picture frames, shabby, chipped and tattered, are more interesting and decorative when not used in the conventional manner.  They seem more decorative, more beautiful, without conventional pictures.  For example, I like them with pictures inserted as I have done below.




This frame’s curvaceous shape with scrolled embellishments and moulding works perfectly as a frame for my small collage of vintage photos, a brooch and ephemera.  The rusty hanging wire was on the back when I found the frame.

I simply pinned the photos to the cupboard.  Easy to do.  You can attach a bit of chicken type wire to the frame or criss-cross some string or ribbon from side to side for inserting and displaying memorabilia, pictures and other ephemera.




I wonder about the past life of these frames?

Somebody made them, added the ornate plaster or tin mouldings, painted them.

Somebody owned and admired them, put them to use for a favourite portrait, a family photo or an artwork.

Did these frames grace a sitting room, a fireplace, a hallway or were they in a bedroom?

Were they in the drawing room in a grand old mansion or were they in Grandma’s humble little country home or were they in the homestead out on the farm?

We will never know.




This old crucifix is one of a few I have collected along the way with other vintage religious icons, art and accoutrements.



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