~ quintessential salvage I had to have! ~


Oh no, not more salvage?

Yes, indeed, more of it in this antique, shabby, distressed, rustic old fireplace mantel and surround with multi-layered patina.  I couldn’t possibly not bring this chippy piece home with me.


What a rustic cobwebbed finish on the corbel!


The mantel is attached to the stone wall out here on the veranda/pergola area for now. Not at all sure it will stay in the spot. Of course, it’s not for use as a fireplace surround.

Vintage decor only.


And, yes, the old mirror is starting to fox, or ghost, as it has been known in Australia. I love that age related weathering process so often found in old mirrors.


Top of  mantel.





Quintessential rustic patina on the mantel top/corner.


And found this piece at Scullery Days Vintage not far out of Truro in SA. What a treasure chest that place is for those of us hunting for the old, the shabby, the beautifully rustic, rusty & decrepit . . .

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