~ no sniffing please. banksy’s long lost snorting copper is found ~


I’m always on the look out for images of street art, political art, protest art, graffiti art, mural art, guerilla art, whatever you want to call it, especially that of Banksy.  Images are the next best thing to the art itself.


The Snorting Copper is a Banksy work now rediscovered in east London after missing for a decade after being vandalised and boarded up.

This “Snorting Copper” stencil began appearing from 2005 in several places in London, including behind Waterloo Station (Leake Street) as well as in Shoreditch (Curtain Street). The artworks also included several miles of paint “dribble” which trailed through the city and led to the stencil representing a ‘line’ of coke. This piece by Banksy is unquestionably a dig at the immorality and corruption sometimes prevalent in the police force. Perhaps not too surprisingly, this piece was removed.


Banksy’s Girl with Balloon on a South Bank wall near the National Theatre in 2004

Banksy stencil soars past Hay Wain as UK’s favourite work of art. Bristol street artist’s Girl with Balloon, originally stencil on side of bridge, beats Constable idyll in poll of nation’s best-loved art. An image of a little girl sadly watching her heart-shaped red balloon drift away, originally a stencil on a grimy wall by Banksy, has toppled Constable’s Hay Wain as the nation’s best-loved work of art. The most famous version of Girl with Balloon, by the Bristol-born street artist, appeared on the side of a bridge on the South Bank in London in 2002. Read more














Just a few of Banksy’s images . . . . and more to see here


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