~ “i’m out of your pouch now Mum!” ~


I met these three marsupial beauties last Thursday (8 Feb) as I was driving down the track on the way to the house.  These were the best shots I could get, from the distance, with my phone 🙂


That’s Joey, the baby kangaroo, at the fence and the little one we first met here when she/he was still pouch-bound.  Baby kangaroos are known as joeys.

As the months went by and ‘joey’ grew in the pouch he/she would peak out, tentatively at first.  As  more time went by in those first 6-8 months, joey grew and grew making conditions in Mum’s pouch somewhat cramped.

Sometimes it was Joey’s head you could see, other times it was the head and other body parts while other times it was body parts without the head. The link above is worth a look regarding the cramped pouch.


Joey has grown and emerged to be independent, not hopping back into Mum’s pouch, yet staying close by her at all times.


Joey tries to keep up.  The adults stop, hesitate, and wait for her/him to catch up if lagging behind.

The little one can’t jump the high fences like the adults & runs up & down the fence line looking for an opening, a loose wire, or some sort of gap to clamber through.  The adults wait and watch with patience, anticipation & love.

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