~ the old kitchen ~



Sharing a few more items from the kitchen area. Anybody who knows our house knows two things: (1) I operate best with a vintage-come-rustic style kitchen and (2) I’m not a minimalist.

And here is one of the old mincers. Remember? Who could forget?




I grew up at Leasingham, a country girl, watching Dad provide for us as farming fathers do.  Dad would slaughter the sheep, never less than two at a time, to feed all of us, our large family of eleven.  He butchered those sheep professionally, sympathetically, hauling the carcasses up the overhanging bough of the two old cedar trees at the front of the house.

Back in the days before the Kenwood Chef electric mixer arrived at our house, transforming operations in the kitchen, Mum used an old hand mincer to mince the meat, much like the one above.




Assortment of rustic kitchen tools and utensils.




I have a few old kitchen scales some rustic, some rusty, some not.






Wood stove alcove is free to use for kitchen items right now as its summer here.   Well, it’s February now, the last month of summer for us – via the calender.




This view of the wood stove alcove shows the top of the stove.  This beautiful old cast iron piece of heavy kitchenalia is our old Metters 2 stove, a built in wood stove that stays with me ’til death us do part. I first spoke about the stove and the old ironmongery here.



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