~ today 21 January 1793 Louis XVI was executed. You need the right lawyer when you are “suspended beneath the blade of the law” ~


On this day in 1793, Louis XVI was beheaded. We hear a lot about his being sent to the guillotine.  But we never really hear about Louis’ trial let alone his lawyers.

Who were Louis’ defence lawyers at his capital trial?

Who were the men who stepped forward to represent Louis as he was “suspended beneath the blade of the law“?

Who were the three lawyers who stepped forward to manifest the responsibility of a lawyer to his client & by doing so, put their own lives at risk?

Who were the three lawyers who displayed the ethics of advocacy?

I did some basic research on this part of Louis’ trial about which I spoke more fully here in July 2016.  Excerpt:

WHAT ABOUT LOUIS XVI’s THREE LAWYERS?  And What about the Ethics of Advocacy?

The three advocates vigorously prepared the case for Louis.  They defended the King despite ….

This was …. it was …. ethical advocacy.

What am I talking about when, as …. we act ethically?

Whenever a person is at the mercy of the state facing a criminal charge …. prepared to step up …. for the ideals …. for things like freedom from …. regardless of the lawyers’ personal ….

The ethics of the legal profession always trump a lawyer’s 


Such were the three men who defended Louis XVI …. who came forward …. put themselves at risk.

That’s what we do as criminal ….

Under the circumstances one would regard Louis XVI’s lawyers’ ….


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