~ doll art: miniature handmade crocheted barrister & badass judge ~



Too cute! Another tiny be-wigged barrister/lawyer.



The tiny figure, a miniature barrister in white wig & black robe holding a green law book is mainly hand crocheted.

Full story sourced from the creators blog

A news item about the death of a judge who had been well known for his eccentricity and taking a hard line on the use of judges’ rules, I think.  Some reference to his ability to intimidate in court when necessary.  

I think there was a following news item regarding someone in the boxing world passing away and the two images melded in my brain, hence the boxers dressing gown, silk shorts and gold boots.  (The silk shorts have “Judges RulesOK” stitched on them.)  And of course, I had a house full of yarns.

This is what came out of it – a bit decrepit now and in need of a bit of re-gluing.  The stand itself is no great shakes, but the figures contain a great deal of detail.  They are crocheted and embroidered and have no stuffing or wires in them (though the barrister has a wire stand to help balance him).  All rigidity is due to crocheting with a hook far too small for the yarn.  This not only creates a rough, rigid material but absolutely ruins your hands.  These two figures are about 4″ and 5.5″ and the yarn quite bulky, or doubled to give bulk.

The creator says the figures are about 12-16cms long (5″- 6″ or thereabouts)



View bottom up to detailed handwork. See more






Laying down the law and climbing on his chair high above the court.




See the detail in Judge’s face including moustache, lips and teeth

Determination writ large on every feature



Hmph! An angry judge, a mad judge in full bottomed wig & red robe waiving that gavel around

and staring down the barristers and it would appear here flashing his knobbly knees



The crocheted lamp has a bit of florists wire inside



His Y fronts are embroidered with ‘Judges Rules OK’ 



Detailed crochet



The open white pages of the barrister’s law book.

Full story.




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