Vintage Miniature Doll – Barrister- at-Law


This little bit of hand crafting is one of my early pieces somewhat aged and worn now.  A very simple, unsophisticated wee lawyer doll called Michael Mousatticus, Barrister at Law. Made out of scraps.

Indeed, Mr. Mousatticus has a gavel, a brief case or attache case and his bundle of law books somewhere probably still in the box.









It’s a tiny grey felt mouse I re-purposed to become what you see: a be-spectacled, be-robed and be-wigged barrister.

When I found the little fellow he was wearing a waist-jacket.  I simple went to work and re-dressed him as a barrister.




The collar and jabot is made from bits of narrow cotton tape. The robe/gown from scraps of black fabric.


Of course Mr. Mousatticus can’t be a briefless barrister so I gave him the Code of Criminal Law and other legal documents including the Evidence Code to keep him busy and up to speed for his clients or, at least, look busy and knowledgeable!  That’s not to say he is never busy and doesn’t know the law as Mr. Mousatticus is a winner in court! 

Featured Image -- 47634


His little felted body is weighted. No actual legs as you see.


I added everything including the tiny little rusty wire spectacles. I simply bent the wire and attached to his nose.







The little ornament is quite fragile now, a little battered, a bit brown and spotty with age but still a treasure. Stands not so tall at just 12.5cm/ 5″.  Don’t panic as I have tinier wee creations.

While scale and proportionality in doll art, miniatures or other, is necessary, we do the best we can to create an end product in a very small size. It’s not an absolute mathematical thing, just as we see in most toys and dolls, where the head is big compared to the body and the legs are often short or as in Michael Mousatticus case there are no legs.

The smaller the doll or object the harder it is to maintain proportion. But I don’t get hung up on the lack of spot-on proportion in making these kinds of cute, whimsical pieces. The beauty of the object is all that matters and this one is a mouse anthropomorphized.

If you like these types of dolls and miniatures you might enjoy here,  here,  here  and here to start with.

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