Memoirs of a Barrister in South Australia


“These memoirs have not been written to eulogise the law or lawyers, judges or the legal system itself but to publish the reality of it. They recall actual cases, the different legal personalities involved in them, the difficulties and dissatisfactions of practicing the law and of triumphs and failures. To any person who may read this book I give only one assurance. It is all true. And I hope when the reader puts the book down he or she will perceive that without the rule of law, however imperfect, no civilization can endure.” Jack Elliott




Memoirs of a Barrister Jack Elliot, QC, worked as a barrister (mainly for defence) in Adelaide for fifty years, acting in many of the State’s well-known cases. His intriguing, relentless, often hilarious memoirs capture a life spent in the service of the law, before ‘lawyer’ became a dirty word. The book is peopled with Dickensian characters: falsely accused victims, pompous judges, shady criminals, depraved rapists and murderers. His stories from the courts will fascinate anyone with an interest in the mysterious workings of our system of justice.

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