~ “may God have mercy on your soul” a criminal courtroom in late 19th century Australia (2) ~




Update on this post of 3 February 2017 “May God have mercy on your soul” A criminal courtroom in the late 19th century. Um, still working on the mock trial dialogue.

Legal fashion in Australia, especially the ‘powdered’ wig bit, was always a topic of curiousity when talking to my American attorney friends. They couldn’t grasp how lawyers could wear those things in a courtroom.

But here’s the thing. There are many people here, non lawyers generally, who can’t understand why we wear the thing on our head, why we are bewigged. It is not hard to agree with them. The wig is a strange piece of professional head gear for which I have no clinching argument in support of its retention for court appearances. It can be a pesky, itchy thing that has been known to slip off, wander!

I previously spoke in some detail about lawyers’ costuming  here.


‘If you want to see a bit of living legal history and tradition, through lawyer’s robes in Australia, hop over to the criminal courts for a day.  Yep, hang around there and watch history living in every-day portrayals and performances’.

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