~ talking marsupial: the kangaroo with a full pouch ~





Company at home late this afternoon.




That’s my current Mum again with her baby, the joey, in the pouch.

She’s with her ‘man’, the buck or boomer.  I assume he is Dad.  I can’t tell if Dad is ‘Big-Foot’ though as there are a few bucks around here. Looks like Big-Foot though with those muscles!

I can see the baby kangaroo is getting quite big now, hanging out of the pouch. Obviously a few months old.

Will leave the pouch completely at about 9-12 months of age.




It’s a full pouch hanging down stuffed with baby.  I’m always amazed how joeys keep fitting in the pouch as they grow.  Head and possibly parts of legs & tail in view.


But then it’s all natural for mothering female kangaroos and a full pouch makes no difference to their mobility.   I have seen Mums with bulging pouches bounding as though the pouch was empty.




Looks crowded in that pouch, legs/tail sticking out.

Today joey popped its head down to nibble grass. Still in the pouch while doing so.


In the past I’ve seen joeys hop out for short periods to ‘test the waters’ nearby, moving gently, perhaps trying out a slow hop or walking movement using the tail as a leg, never moving far from Mum.  Any sound, or being startled, and back into the pouch they scamper head first.


Joey is getting more active lately though I don’t know if it has been fully out of Mum’s pouch yet.


I expect to see it out soon but staying very close to Mum, close enough to make a quick dive for the pouch if frightened.


As mentioned, by the time it is about 9-10 months old the joey no longer uses its mother’s pouch.



Dad and Mum.




Other friends.






Looks like legs, feet there.











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