Purrhaps Edith P is Neither Beautiful or Ugly



No, it’s not just any cat. It’s our dear tubby Edith cat, our tortie, in the garden this morning keeping the diggers company in between her naps.


Some say she is “ugly”.  People call her ugly because of the dark blotchy markings on her face. It’s a sort of split face, not symmetrical, and freckled with dark brown spots.


Is she ugly? Frightfully ugly? Who would have thought there was such a thing as an ugly cat? All cats are exquisitely beautiful in their own way, like people. I think a part of cats’ intrinsic beauty is that they are all so different in colours and markings.

Anyway, any perceived ugliness in Edith is only skin deep as she is the most adorable, affectionate and loving thing in the world. Jeez, cats come in all shapes and sizes, all colourings and markings, some with long hair, some with short, some are hairless.

Frankly, many humans are the same and different. Don’t we all kind of juxtapose beautiful and ugly?

I think the ugliest cat may well be more beautiful than the prettiest human.

I see Edith as looking neither beautiful or ugly. She is simply who she is.




Hi there. Keep digging guys. I’ll rest.”




Mmmm, just scratching my back. Aagh.”




Do you mind? I’m ruminating




I’m so exhausted. Just cat-napping. Say what? Um, I can sort of see you even though my eyes are not quite open yet. What a wonderful life I have.”


More sightings of this purrtacular Burmese tortie Fat Edith herehere and here.

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