Tarnishing Candelabra



I know ya’ll gonna think I’m mad bothering with a piece of brass candelabrum like this with rusted tarnish. Don’t panic. I use it outside & love it.

You can see it’s a five branch decorative filigree candle holder or four arm with centre socket for a candle. Perfect for outside table use as it is heavy.

I don’t pay much for these bits & pieces, some rather ornate. I look for them at op-shops & garage sales mainly.







There are three in this image.




Given that I buy them for one purpose – outdoor/al fresco dining & decor – they stay outside where, over time, they tarnish, corrode & rust developing the desired patina.

The only down side to relying on the weather is that it requires patience. No quick makeover. No quick fix.




The two smaller ones (one is larger than the other) feature a child holding the sconces.







I’m not exactly sure what they are made of maybe brass coated steel, or iron or a mixture of brass & other metals, but the weather does the work for me in creating the additional texture & drab, faded tarnish. I don’t think there’s any silverplate in these three.


I figure the brass must have some iron (Fe) in it/over it for the rust to occur which of course I love.  The rust is mainly on the candle drip pans or bobeches, not the sconces or arms though.













The smaller of the two-armed candle holders is solid & quite heavy. It may have some copper in the sockets/sconces as there is a sort of ring of green/grey patina, a sort of faded vert de gris or verdigris shade maybe.

The other two-arm is lighter. Neither have rust so I assume there’s no iron metal in the mix. The brass coating is simply tarnishing and fading.

But, then, the science of metals is not my area & I really don’t know what I’m talking about  . . . .  🙂

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