Vintage Farmhouse in the Kitchen



I love the old, the antique, the collectible and the rustic.  Naturally, our kitchen is rustic and worn in style, finish and colour.

Sharing some vintage love around today in these bits and pieces including the old scales with weights and some old crockery mixing bowls, a few utilitarian things you might find in and around the kitchen when you come visit.

I’m always drawn by the inherent beauty of these once popular everyday pieces and want to display them.







Prim, rusty, rustic old cast iron balance scales and weights.




Vintage kitchen earthenware mixing bowls, pudding bowls, mostly cream coloured or yellow ware (or cane bowls). More on the curious history of the old mixing bowls here and here.

Old crockery, faience, ironstone, stoneware, pottery, porcelain and so forth always draws me in.










Can’t do without these assorted smaller mixing bowls.




The rusty weights were painted in what looks like white or cream colours.  Love the chippy rusty finish.




This gathering of old bowls is on a cupboard in the kitchen.










The rusty weighing scales, as happens with these kinds of finds, came without the weighing dish or pan.

I simply used an old tureen for a bowl into which I placed some eggs (ceramic eggs in fact).





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