I have a few sheep skulls collected over the years. There maybe a goat in the mix as part of this property was home to goats before we arrived.




We have no sheep here right now mainly because I don’t have the time to be the good, responsible sheperdess. Lawyering and farming dont always mix.


But I’m working on devoting more time to our little patch here which means I may re-flock with Wiltipolls as we had previously. This time I would look at breeding them as top quality sheep for prime lamb production.




What are Wiltipolls you ask? The Wiltipoll is an Australian wool-less breed or wool-shedding. This means the sheep don’t need shearing or crutching and produce premier prime lamb. They are polled so don’t grow horns.

Developed in Australia for Australian conditions. More here.




You guessed right. The skull above is not from a wiltipoll because it’s horned.




Here’s one of our wiltipoll mums, just after giving birth to twins, cleaning and washing them.




See the baby lamb on wobbly legs (on the right) trying to get up? It’s trying to stand for the first time.  Multiple births are not unusual with wiltipolls and the year before last I had my first set of triplets. Yes, three of them. What a magical time that was! Pics somewhere too.


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