More Vintage Kitchenalia



Few more views from the kitchen where I have various old bits and pieces including tins, jars, canisters, kitchen scales, mixing bowls, wooden rolling pins, barrels, baskets and so forth. Don’t worry, I use some of these old items. Here’s a few old lidded jars with beans and peas.




Rolling pins, mixing bowls.

I am comfortable in a kitchen with everything around much of it in full view.  I simply cannot keep company with a minimalist style kitchen where everything is hidden in cupboards and drawers.

While generally eclectic in my approach to home decor, I’m a sort of ‘past living in the present’ type of person when it comes to the kitchen.

This has to be because I grew up in a farmhouse kitchen where minimalism was unheard of. A utilitarian kitchen it was, full and functional, a place that did what it was meant to do and be – a warm, inviting and comforting place where food and family prevailed  . . . . and what a rambunctious place it was with our brood.





There is memory, there is beauty, even whimsy in some of these old kitchen things.

And the colours fit right in with my preference for drab hues. Muted colours of black, brown, rust, off white, cream, ochre, yellow, calico, linen, bone, egg-shell, grey, slate and charcoal work well along with blues and indigos, deep reds and old greens.




Old tins, rust and all.


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