Gum Trees and Spring in Barossa Valley





Middle of spring here and the Barossa vineyards and gardens are a pastiche of colour. I took time away from work last Monday to enjoy the day and clean and tidy at the front, sort out some pots, sweep and rake.


When you have large gum trees nearby there are always leaves to clear away.  There is a great gum, with huge trunk, towering up into the sky shadowing the north-east end of the house area. There are more youthful ones. I don’t remove all the leaves. I can’t. There is nothing more beautiful than a few dry gum leaves drifting around. I am in no doubt about the beauty of big ol’ gum trees. I wonder what have these old trees been through? Seen? Protected? What ghosts live in these trees especially the big gum I speak of, the boss gum that watches over our house?


Photographs? Ugh. Yes I know the rule is that you don’t take photos in the middle of the day!  But I did and here’s what came of it.  I’m just not into photography.




The old claw foot bath is, of course, a rusty cast iron piece. It is a place of amusement for the cats as they settle on the edge lusting after the gold-fish. Sometimes they take a drink and sometimes they slip! Yikes. Cats move fast when slipping into the bath! The old bath is in the north-west corner of the house area.


The geraniums are in full bloom right now and, hopefully, will continue that way for a while yet. Some flower before others and some last longer than others. Yes, I know the one on the left is still in a plastic pot. It does very well in the pot and I’m reluctant to upset it. I’ve decided to look for a larger earthenware pot to put it in ‘as is’ and to hide the plastic.


I see irises flower at different times and for longer or shorter periods. Not being a gardener, I learn as I go. Stumble along. If you want irises flowering over a longer period you have to invest in more varieties. I buy one iris at a time and simply split the bulb the following year. As I say, I’m not a gardener and learning very fast how to be one – on my terms of course.  I tend to figure things out as I go, trial and error. Hmph!




Another view from Monday. Roses bloom as they cascade over the old horse drawn cart with wine barrels on top. It’s a climbing Queen Elizabeth rose blushing and flushing its way over the wagon and I think it’s a Gold Bunny down near the left wheel. I am considering removing these plants to make way for the rustic beauty of the cart.




Looking northwest from the front veranda down over the old seeder and wagon to the Valley floor and Nuriootpa.  You can just see the roses blooming at the horse cart.







Some views of the front of house garden. The lavenders are in full flower and glorious in their presence throwing out different shades of purple, blue, pink and mauve along with the scent we all love especially the French lavender.







Those who know me know gardening is not my thing. This is my first, and will be my last, garden even though I’m always impressed how it thrives in being left to do its own thing. I’ve found it isn’t all that hard or tricky to grow the easy-peasy stuff. Trust me, I wouldn’t have it if it wasn’t a garden for dummies. Obviously I plant, water, trim and prune periodically and try to keep the weeds in order.  And all those things, my friends, are mind-deadeningly boring chores for me! Sigh . . . .

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