Little Art Luv: More in Miniatures




My little art fix for today starts with this miniature, a teeny-weeny pink bedroom made from a hat box.  Who would have thought a hat box could be up-cycled into something so cute as this sweet bedroom?

It’s all in the detail of course: Walls and a base for the bed have been added. The walls and ceiling have been cladded with wall paper. The decorative shelving wraps around the room. The bed has storage space underneath. There is lace on the window, a few books on the shelf and lace sheets and a quilt on the bed. And, of course, the rocking chair for quiet contemplation, for hand craft, sewing, for knitting or for the good book.




Lea Frisoni and a gorgeous vintage pram in doll house nursery




Darling rustic primitive kitchen





I had to share my little art love for this perhaps French two-story cottage or town house with attic space for third level. It’s the attention to detail that gets me reflected in the attic level in the roof, TV antenna, balconies, bicycle and chair on top balcony, French doors, cafe curtain, chimneys, gutters, drain pipe, front steps and more.  Cladded in a render crackled to look weathered and aged.

I want this one!




Detail, detail in this little girl’s lush, shabby chic bedroom




Look at those teeny tiny teddy bears.  Certainly, the apple helps in sizing. More at BJD Diorama




Now get this. A shabby chic sitting room in a cigar box. Yes, teeny-weeny in a cigar box. Just 17 cm x 17.5 cm x 6.3 cm (6 1/2″ x 6 3/4″ x 2 1/4″.


This cigar box is a vintage “Meditation Natural” wooden box. I altered it and hand painted the furniture and accessories to make a little dollhouse world :). The painting technique I used required multiple layers of color and crackle to get this shabby look. Gold highlights were brushed on to give a little sparkle.

I installed a wee operable window, wallpaper, and curtains. The curtains are topped with handmade paper roses, tulle, gold ribbon and pearls.

This sitting room comes with dressing table w/mirror, porcelain tea-cup and saucer, mail, LED battery-operated working hurricane lamp, rocking chair w/ handmade pillow, rug, clay flowers in pitcher, and teddy bear.

Size of the box is 6 1/2″ x 6 3/4″ x 2 1/4″. All furniture and accessories are 1:12 scale.

More images here 





Little art of an abandoned building? The spare room?

Boho, flea market style. Framed art on the shabby white wall.  Power outlet, cactus plant, books.

Grubby mattress. Um, perhaps the local flop house.




Little art in this gorgeous Crockett log cabin made of log walls with chinking, a corner fire-place with hearth and mantel and candle lamp. There’s a copper kettle, no doubt, just ‘off the boil’ hanging over the fire. Even the puppy keeps cozy on the mat. Wooden dresser with kitchen items, lace curtains and so much more all in the detail.


I got the house stained using 4 different stain colors, distressing in between layers. I am using paper clay to add the chinking between logs on the exterior but still have LOTS to go. I had fun painting the floor with different stain colors to make it look like wood :). Then, I sanded the whole floor to distress it and coated in satin top coat. I also installed the curtains. Always a feat!

I’ll apply something on top of the roof wood, maybe some pine cone bits. Eventually, I’ll be adding moss (of course) and flower boxes and shutters and plants. Whew!

Most of the furniture is complete now. I still need to finish the bed and bedding plus figure out what to do for table and chairs.

My sweet hedgehog and her baby are tenants so far. They were created by the incredibly talented jujurodgers on Etsy. Love her work!

Crockett log cabin progress




Log cabin miniature featuring the bedroom, chinked log walls, wood floor, wooden bed, 2 door wooden cupboard, cane crib on the floor, lace curtains and so much more all in the detail.

Crockett log cabin progress


Well, baby hedgehog, Birdie, now has his own bassinet and toy horse and I finally finished painting all of the chinking on the interior walls. I broke down and ordered a husband for Bessie so he should arrive on the scene in a couple of weeks. She just seemed so alone and kind of sad! I really should consider making a different bed now to fit 2 hedgehogs but there’s not much room!

For the exterior, I’m using paperclay to make real chinking (not just painted chinking). It’s slow and I’m gonna try to work on the front of the cabin today: chinking, adding shutters and window boxes and a doorknob.



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