The Work of One’s Hands is Cat Love



OK those of us from the tribe — the Cat-People tribe — who love using pins and needles in working with our hands.

Check out this gorgeous crocheted cat nest or pod or snug or cubby house or bedding crocheted by Eilen Tein. I haven’t made one yet but I did read the pattern and the comments. Pattern is in English at end. Here’s more (from my Tumblr) including the link to the free pattern and more from Eilen Tein’s blog.

Might pay to have a look at comments and discussions (scroll down on Eilen Tein’s post to find the ones in English) as to queries about size variations for your cat, the strength and rigidity needs, weight of yarn to use and US versus UK pattern differences.

*DC (double crochet) in Australia/UK is SC (single crochet) in USA. Looking at Eilen Tein’s finished snug it looks like a basic single crochet stitch thoughout. That’s a US single crochet (or DC in Australia). See also the 3rd or 4th comment from the bottom on her blog post.


DC in Australia (SC in USA:

“insert hook into stitch, yarn over hook,
draw up a loop, yarn over hook, pull
through both (2) loops”












Here’s the link to the actual Ravelry design which suggests weightier yarn say t-shirt yarn or super bulky and hook size 8.0 mm (L)

Designer Hanne-Katajamaki on Ravelry

Of course, there are other patterns around for knitting and crocheting bedding for cats, most using very chunky yarns and generally open, with no top, more like round dog bedding. Not only does this one look like it can be made using a finer yarn, it is enclosed in a sort of malleable egg-like shape with a small opening for exit and entry giving puss more warmth, privacy and a feeling of safety.  Great project!

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