~ vintage rag dolls of a primitive aesthetic ~


Sorting out little people like bears and dolls and found these raggedies in the corner. Bit dusty and needing a light brush.

Hand made rag dolls have been a love of mine for a long time especially in the early primitive genre, the more rustic style rag doll. Some years ago I started making them myself a few examples shared herehere and here. The most frustrating thing these days is that I rarely find the time to indulge like this. Ugh!





Pre loved and well worn is this little lady. You can see the fabric on her face and feet has worn through. See her nose?





Her feet reveal a stuffing made of what looks like tightly wadded cloth or torn rags. Her legs and arms are quite hard due to being stuffed so tightly. This is an original rag doll, not one I made.

Various materials like rags, straw, saw dust, horse hair, sheep wool, kapok, even wood chips were not uncommon in earlier rag dolls and teddies. Naturally, they often came with heavier, lumpier bodies.








I clothed her in the little woollen cardigan to which I attached buttons with grubbied cotton string.

The bonnet is simply a hand knitted woollen baby’s bonnet embellished with tiny blue roses and satin ribbon for ties.






Basic, primitive, simple design.







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